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product incubator & fellowship

form real teams. ship real product.

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interested in taking a product from ideation to launch?
we are now accepting applications for our 2020-2021 cohort

the tracks

we host three different domains to cover all areas of product.
fellows in each track will receive mentorship from students with real industry experience - not outdated professors

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Product Design Fellows

You'll conduct user-centered research, create beautiful and functional prototypes, and learn the design life cycle while building your portfolio through storyboarding, user personas, user interviews, mockups, and validation.

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Product Marketing Fellows

You'll build market strategies for new features, define a product's position and message for customers, and learn different channels of marketing and launch plans while keeping in mind product orientation and customer empathy.

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Product Management Fellows

You'll work closely with both design and marketing fellows to define and manage the product roadmap. Additionally, you'll be shipping and iterating the solution all while learning more about project management, agile frameworks, product requirements, product analytics, user research, and product pitching.

the roadmap

an intensive 1-2 quarter long fellowship hosted by our student-run incubator to build a product out from ideation to launch

November 2020 - applications open - phase 0
we'll be accepting applications through our typeform, some candidates will be invited to a second-round coffee chat.
December 2020
select candidates will return for final round group interviews, fellowship cohort will be announced.
January 2021 - Winter Quarter - Phase I
fellows will be paired up with students from other tracks and placed into teams of 3-4
February 2021
teams will come up with solutions to selected problems and will then create a framework to plan/execute on their ideas.
March 2021
after attending weekly track-specific workshops, teams will have a full roadmap planned out and ready for execution/building
April 2021 - Spring Quarter - Phase II
fellows will work with their teams + engineers to iterate their products towards an MVP
May 2021
while finishing their MVPs, teams will come up with clear GTM and launch strategies
June 2021 - Demo Day
after launching, each team will have the chance to pitch/demo their products in front of a panel of investors & industry veterans


  • who is this for?

    Anyone can apply! As long as you can both show your interest in building a product from ideation to launch, and willing to attend mandatory meetings & workshops, you're a great fit!

  • what if I don’t know what track to apply for?

    Not a problem! We will match you as best we can with your interests and goals.

  • what if I don’t know a thing about product?

    We don’t expect any past experience in product. All you need is hard work and commitment!

  • can I switch tracks in the middle?

    We will review on a case by case basis if you are able to switch. We discourage switching tracks during the program.

  • what does the commitment look like?

    This is essentially equivalent to a class, so expect around 5-10 hours a week of commitment.

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